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Day 36 - 3-D Beaded Heart

Wednesday, February 16, 201I1

Today I decided to tackle the 3-D Beaded Heart from the MyLovelyBeads.com website.  I had looked at the pattern before, but it looked to complicated and I moved on to something easier.  LOL.  Then I sent back the other day and started it, but it was to complicated and I moved on.  LOL.  Deciding I couldn't put this off again, and realizing that doing something hard was the whole put of this 365 endeavor, I decided to try it, again.

3-D Beaded Heart
(Olivia is posing with it)!
I used size 8 beads in orange.  A particularly ugly color of orange that I knew I would probably never use other wise, so I decided what the hay.

I don't understand what it is about this pattern.  It doesn't look complicated, looks like some kind of right angle weave.  But when we start the instructions, once again diagrams only, they use bugle beads to show the structure.  Oh yeah, you can find the tutorial here.  Looks like the heart sample is done using a little round bead, maybe 2 mm?  I think I finally got the structure down as per the bugle beads, using my 8/0 beads.  It made a nice little flexible tube, which I can't help wondering could have been created in a much easier way then building each little "unit" on top of the other.  Using the 8/0's I had a lot of thread showing in the gaps, but the diagram seemed to say you put a bead in each joint of the units.  This covered up the thread, but when I was finished it was stiff as a board and could not have been rounded to make the heart shape.  I wonder if you are using the little balls what it would look like?  Mine was starting to look nothing like the final picture.

So I took them out, added the second side and connected them to make the heart shape, then just on the top I added the beads in the joints to cover the threads.  Ta da!  I managed to produce a heart that looks nothing like the photo.  Does this count?  Sure, it took me a long time, I did learn a new technique, even if i have no idea if I did it right.  Yay me!

3-D Beaded Heart, conquered. (?)


  1. I went to the Russian website and checked out the pattern. The good news is, this is cubic right angle weave, and there are two patterns for it in this months Bead and Button! This is a really hard stitch for me, and I have to say I haven't mastered it yet. Yet. But I will!

  2. Yes I got my Bead and Button in the mail two days ago, I literally skip back to the house. LOL. I saw that they had the cubic right-angle weave and I'm anxious to try it. Let me know what you come up with!


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