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Day 40 - Peyote Increasing

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peyote Increases
 After yesterday's lesson which I will now call freeform peyote (because there aren't really any rules so that means I did it right, lol), I decided I really needed to get back to some basics.  I think practicing increasing peyote stitch would have been helpful.  In doing the swatch, I realized that I have been doing this a lot with the other lessons, but just didn't realize what I was doing.  When it is written into the instructions on how to do a piece, I don't think you really think about what you are actually doing.  Not having a pattern, like the beaded bauble, and knowing when you need to increase or decrease instinctively is key.

Using Dorothy Wood's The Beader's Bible I tried out two methods of increasing on a peyote stitch.  First I increased at the ends which was easy.  You do this by adding three beads at the end of the swatch before you turn around.  I did it on both sides and the piece looked like a "T".  Secondly, I increased in the middle by adding two beads instead of one in a one bead space.  This causes the piece to fan out, do it gradually if you want your piece to lie relatively flat.  Doing it multiple times in the same row will make the increase occur rapidly, which is what happens when you do a ruffle on the end of a peyote piece.

Peyote Increase, conquered!


  1. What a great idea and how inspiring! Tanks for joining my blog and I can't wait to see what happens for the rest of the 365 days :-)

  2. Thanks Elisabeth! Looking forward to reading yours also! And if you ever have any tips on what I'm trying to teach myself let me know.




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