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Day 124 - Pondo Stitch

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pondo Stitch
Today's lesson is the Pondo Stitch, also known as the African Circle Stitch.  Man, it took me forever last night to track down a free tutorial on the Internet for this stitch.  If it wasn't so darn pretty I would have given up after the first 2 hours!  Although there seems to be precious little on the Internet regarding the construction of the Pondo stitch, there are a number of pictures of it used in bracelets.  It seems that Bead & Button May 2007 had a pattern for a bracelet made with the stitch, but the website did not have the pattern available for download.  I found two sites where you could down load the pattern for a price, and then finally...an English site that led to a French site, that led to a Swedish site, that led to a free PDF pattern in Japanese!  The pattern is for a small tulip made with the stitch, but once you have the basic stitch down (the first 3-4 steps) you could easily make a something else.

On the site Amanda'sDesigns.comAmanda gives a little tour of stitches used by some of the tribes of South Africa.  There is a nice write up on the Pondo people and a picture of the Pondo Stitch made into a bracelet  The stitch is much like right angle weave and during my search on the internet I saw it listed in categories referencing RAW variations.

The PDF instructions in Japanese may be viewed be clicking on this link to Bumblebees-Beads.com.  Although the text is in Japanese, the diagrams are great, so I didn't need to translate them.  The interesting thing with this weaving technique, is that much like the African Helix stitch, you are anchoring each unit of a row on the thread of the unit above it.  At first it seems complicated, but once you get going, it goes much faster.  My little swatch was done with 15/0 gold beads and 11/0 green beads, I switched to 11/0 black beads to see what it would look like in black.

It's a really pretty stitch and I can't wait to try it out with some crystals!

Pondo Stitch, conquered!


  1. I love this...It's so beautiful.... I can see why the research was so important... thank you for all the trouble. I love this!

  2. Wow, it's so pretty and beautiful.Gorgeous stitch and it look so great.thanks for sharing it.

  3. Sorry if my comment appears twice it just vanished hmm odd.

    I love Pondo stitch I have since I first saw it here on your page. I even made a tutorial for it ;) Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Great Blog piece. Thank You for introducing me to the background of the pondo stitch. I read about your blog on Facebook via Mikki Ferrugiaro, a Bead Artist too. She made a beautiful spiked bracelet using this stitch. Here is the link to her page. Scroll down to see the picture of the bracelet. You have also made some beautiful pieces!

  5. Sorry, forgot the link. It is:

  6. There's a google doc tutorial here

    Karen (gr7rm14@yahoo.com)

  7. The above google doc goes with this background information on the stitch...you will find a direct link in this article:


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