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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Russian Snake Stitch
Today I stumbled across a stitch I had never of before, the Russian Snake Stitch.  So far the Russian Spiral and Russian Leaves are a couple of my favorite stitches, so pretty much anything with the name "Russian" in it draws my attention.  Not to mention that fact that vodka is one of my favorite drinks.  :-)  Figuring that I had a theme of some sort going on, I decided to give it a try.

I found instructions for making the Russian Snake Stitch at the Need For Beads website.  You can access the tutorial by clicking here.  This stitch is one of the many variations of the Daisy Chain stitch.  What makes it different is that the smaller beads are made to look like they are slithering their way around and between the center beads.  With the Daisy Chain Stitch each unit is made to look like an individual flower.

The directions in this tutorial call for size 11/0 beads in two colors and size 4 mm druks for the center beads.  In my sample, initially I thought the 4mm beads looked to small surrounded by the circle of 11/0 beads, so I used 6mm beads in the centers (what do I know?).  Afterwards, I decided the 6mm beads did look a little big, although the circle of beads around it did fit the bead perfectly.

This stitch is very easy, is very cute, but way to dainty for me.  Experimenting with different beads to jazz it up a bit would be worth the effort.  Google the stitch name and click images to see some very cool examples!

Russian Snake Stitch, conquered.


  1. Well, I think you did a fine job. I heard about this on beading daily a few weeks ago. It is a very interesting stitch. Kinda reminds me of the Hugs and Kisses stitch too. Love the colors!

  2. love this and vodka :-) the first time i did daisy chain i was making a necklace & thought it looked a little too plain for what i wanted it for so i added daggers to it on one side-looked great! never did this stitch. i like this one better than the daisy chains. i will be trying this this week!

  3. Hi,Mandy:-)
    It is a very easy and very decorative stitch.It looks great in bracelets and can be modified with additional pearls and picots,also stitched in a few rows together,or in compilation to other stitches.

  4. It's a pretty stitch and looks like you're praticing to make something for the 4h of July in red, white and blue. :) The fun thing about bead work is that the size, shape or color of the beads used can give us unlimited variety. Wonderful isn't it? :D

  5. This is really pretty, Mandy. Another one I need to try. Gotta catch up with you soon. I haven't been on FB in a while!

  6. Your blog was mentioned in my Yahoo beading group so I had to come see. Wow! I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.

    If you're feeling really adventurous, there are some French beading patterns you might be interested in. I love making these beaded beads. Fun and gorgeous. Google translator can help.

    Scaph: has 3 pages in jpeg format.




    This one is called Lunabead:


    Another fun technique is twisted tubular herringbone which you'll find at this web site, scroll down when you get there to find it:


    Have fun!

  7. I like this color combination and stitch. If this is too dainty for you, perhaps several strands together would work, for say a bracelet or necklace. Always impressive :D

  8. You know I was waiting for this one! Awesome find and I will be keeping it in my to do stack!


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